October 5, 2012

In Need of a Name Change

Hey guys, just a heads up for you all. I've been doing a lot of thinking (and internet searching), and I've come to discover that my name "Crash Bang Labs" is not unique - and there's a group that calls themselves "CrashBang Labs" and they do all sorts of fun DIY projects.

I think they're in Canada, which honestly, is not a problem at all legally.

My big issue is we're competing for internet footprints.

While I have half the names/domains, they've got the other half. I can't make a Twitter Account. I can't make a username for my page on Facebook, and I'm having difficulties making names for other accounts on various websites.

I've also accidentally come across them just searching for my own things, soooooo I'm very strongly considering doing a "studio name change".

It'll be a slow process, as I find out how to transfer things like my domain page, this blog, and rename things like my etsy shop.

Neither of us have taken any sort of "legal" action, and I'd prefer to keep it that way. While attached to my name, I'm willing to change it for the sake of having proper branding. I don't have legal documentation with Crash Bang Labs on it, so it's not like I'll have to muck up a bunch of legal papers too. :) Just means I'll have to reprint other packaging (what? make more packaging? gee darn.).

Just means now I get to flex my graphic design muscles and come up with a new logo and name!

Suggestions or Ideas are also very much encouraged!

I'm looking to have it be something that relates more to my artwork than say, my Pokemon Badges. Wherein they're great, I'd rather finally settle on a Studio Name that really says "It's An Artist" and isn't a mouthful. I used to call myself "Mechanical Rose" and egh, was that hard to say a lot.

For examples of my art, visit my DeviantArt page: karmada.deviantart.com

And no, I can't use 'karmada'. Tis also taken by numerous other people. I just use it as a handle name anyway. :)

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