October 3, 2012

I just keep going, and going, and going...

So I finally broke out of my drawing slump and created a beeeeautiful masterpiece that I want to make as part of a set. It's of a character from my "on hiatus" comic which I'm finally getting back into working on.

Really. I'm working on the comic!!

However, my weeks and weeks before of depression and surfing the intarwebz  combined with the prolonged outlining and coloring last night has cause my hand to be unable to grasp a pencil.

But I wasn't going to let that get me down!

I happen to have a lot of really nice jewelry beads and supplies, and frankly I'm not going to be wearing ALL of it, so I thought it'd be awesome to make some easy pieces and sell them in a "I'm clearing out my jewelry stash sale!" on Etsy!

So I put together a couple sets of earrings before realizing I needed a couple more findings and to find my proper pliers, so I'll be poking at that later tonight too.

But anyway, I digress. What I really want to talk about is how I'm secretly a Packaging Engineer. Truthfully, had I known this was a viable major/job, I would probably have done it. I love creating packaging, boxes, display cards, and the like. Then I got the "Cuts A Lot 2" program that let's me use illustrator designs to cut with a Cricut machine (this is how I make my pokemon badge inserts).

So just spending about 20 minutes with illustrator and my Cricut, I came up with these:

A little tweaking and all the printing would be centered.

For a quick 20 minute job, they turned out pretty good. With a little extra time, I could come up with a useable template for all sorts of sizes of things. And then I got to thinking...

Would anybody want me to make these for them? (With payment, of course). I'd get them printed at like FedEx so they won't bleed, but I could make all sorts of sizes. I have way too much fun making these things and I'd LOVE to help out others.

Let me know your thoughts!

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