September 28, 2012

It's Art Time!

Well, this has been a strange week. Between random bouts of awful depression, I finally ended the week with horrible insomnia experience. Namely I was up till about 5:30 for NO PARTICULAR REASON. I apologize now if anything seems out of place.

First up, is my "doodle" for the theme of the week - as I lost the ability to draw for a bit during this time, let alone tackle any sort of real project. yay. BUT! I did this the other night, and it technically HAS apples in it, so here's mine!

In the meanwhile, here's some color marker testing I've done. I've discovered smooth bristol board + copic markers = WIN. Well, at least for me.

For those not in  the know, coloring on the computer frustrates me to no end. I can't figure it out, I've tried dinking around (which is the sum total of the advice given to me - along with "Oh just use SAI!" it's easy - no it's not), and frankly it doesn't act like natural media where I can see and understand the science behind it. So until I get that revelation (or find a class that's not just "oh here's how to tweak your pics and remove blemishes in Photoshop), I'll be sticking with traditional media.

This is also probably the same technique I'll use on commissions once I get the info for that up and ready.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to go find a costume and get ready to go and give a seminar today!


  1. I love the colors...that guy with the pink hair looks like he's up to no good...LOVE that smile.

  2. Hey, at least yours has apples in it! Mine's just red, which I don't think qualifies it for the Apple theme, but... here you go anyway:


  3. I absolutely love your sketch and the marker tests. The little guy reaching for the apple is super cute!

    On an embarrassing note, I completely forgot what I was going to do and when I did remember, I was in the middle of fighting fire wolves in our DnD campaign. It was going to be a My Little Pony fanart of the Apple was going to be cute!!! oh well, I will still do it but once again...I missed the deadline!