September 11, 2012

100th post! And a brief interlude.

I bet you're wondering why I didn't post a topic this week. Well, two things occurred to me:

1.) Having to do full nice pictures/objects/whatever once a week per a topic is WAY too much like work. So, I'll do it like every other week. For those of us with IRL things to take care of. :)

2.) An Alley opened up on Monday afternoon. I found out about said Alley opening on SUNDAY NIGHT. So naturally, my schedule went a little kookoo.

Also, as another happy milestone (I think?) this is my 100th Post! Yaaaaaaaaay!

So what else has been going on here at the Labs?

Well, I got my first ever denial from an alley. So I won't be attending Anime Crossroad, unless they randomly decide I get to join from the wait list. :-/ It was a pretty big hit to my poor fragile confidence which has been wavering lately.

Which I won't bother you guys with right now, unless you REALLY want to know.

And let me tell you, trying to sign up for the next Alley that appeared (as written above), that was cataclysmic.

First off, they needed a link to a portfolio page, so I wanted to make a page for my website that held all the things that sell at my booth (as I didn't have that on DevArt easily to find).

So I spent all morning taking new pictures, coding my portfolio page and whatnot, and finally came up with THIS: Artist Alley Stuff

That took me about all day until around 2pm, so I had an hour to rest. Naturally, I was a giant ball of anxiety. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. Then 3 pm hit, and I frantically filled out my application and sent it in. And then I can rest, you'd think, right?

Well, first, the internet goes out at 3:15. I had almost NOT been able to submit my application. AUGH.

THEN. I get a message that the website was down, and found out that GoDaddy had suffered a server attack and they all went down. And I'm thinking: "OH NO WHAT IF THEY ARE CHECKING MY PORTFOLIO?!?!"

*sigh *

Thankfully, GoDaddy was able to fix it quickly, so I think they should be able to get to my portfolio page to see my things.

Long story short, I'm now waiting to hear back from them. So I'll be a little edgy.

HOWEVER! I am working on new comics finally. :)

Well gee. That was kinda rambly. Sorry about that! I'll have a picture for you soon.

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