August 22, 2012

Drawings! I'm Drawing. WHUT.

Now that the office is all set up, I've been doing some color tests along with comic page tests. Which hopefully I'll have figured out by the end of this week.

In the meanwhile, I've done a couple of drawings:

The first was a birthday gift for Trishstuff! It is a character from a tabletop game that she's in (and really, asides from Sky's End and Tangerine Wings, it's my NEXT favorite thing to draw. Original characters, in case you're confused...)


Next up is another character design I'm working on. He's a little old (as of like, last year) but he's getting an major update on his outfit, role, etc. His picture is also the first test of my "new comic style".

Which is the equivalent of the following process:
  1. Sketch image
  2. Outline in ArtRage on the computer
  3. Print on nice cardstock (laser)
  4. Color with Copics
  5. Scan in
  6. Enjoy!
And yes, it looks cumbersome, but it solves two of my problems: a.) I can't outline with regular pens or else I get instant carpal tunnel and b.) I can't color on the computer. Maybe I'll write up a tutorial once I've got it down to how I like. I just know I'm a LOT faster with copics IRL than I am trying to color anything in Photoshop, Sai, or whatever other program you might suggest....

Oh, and I totally just used a texture for the background. I found it on Google, but I'm not really going to be selling the image, so I'm not as worried about it. I just wanted another color in there.

Okay! Back to more work for me...


  1. o_O I want a test-tube holster!!

    Also: preeettty! Looks like your system is working so far!

  2. System are made because they work and yours works fabulously! ~drools a little at the purty art~