July 4, 2012

New Convention: Anime World Indianapolis!

Woah. Things have gotten busy in the last week here at Crash Bang!

After JAFAX, I had a friend come out to stay and sew for part of the next weekend, as well as a party I had to go to for family.

Then on top of THAT I got to get all my things ready to sign up for the Artist Alley at Shutocon, which YAY, I got accepted. That had me in knots all day before the sign up opened. In fact, it's all paid for, so now I just need to reserve my room, and show up! :)

THEN I also discovered I had received an email from a brand new convention, Anime World Indianapolis indicating that they had an opening available in their Alley (I had been on their waitlist), so I scrambled to get that ready. Then realized I sold all my backstock of badges on Etsy, so we've been working on finishing that. We're making fabulous time, and I'm REALLY glad the 4th falls in the middle of the week, as it will give me time to finish all this stuff.

I'm going to try making prints. :-/ I know I'm not a big fan of fan art, but we'll see how far I get. I don't want it to be a frequent thing with me, but until my comic gets more popular (i.e. i get more time to draw it), I'll have to have some fan art floating around.

OH, then on top of that, I finally watched all of Legend of Korra. It was amazing, and I look forward to the next season.

So onto my topic at hand: ANIME WORLD INDIANAPOLIS!

It's an Anime Convention! NO WAY.

For long time readers, you may remember that we went to Anime World Chicago last year (and are planning on it this year too). This convention happens to be organized by the same people/business/whatever, it's just in Indianapolis!

I'm tend to be a little nervous about first year conventions, especially one that takes place at a moderately expensive hotel (it's like 119 a night), however, they have had a lot of advertising. And the group that runs the other one is really professional. The word is out that it exists - I mean, their FB page has over 6,000 likes alone, so it's not like anybody hasn't heard of it.

Indy also tends to be geek central, heck GENCON takes place there.

So hopefully some people will show up, and I can draw pictures for them!

I'll keep y'all posted!

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  1. This is why someone needs to invent instant transportation so our car wouldn't hinder our ability to go to all the conventions we want! Agh I so want to be there!