July 15, 2012

More Updates!

For those trying to keep up, here's the most recent updates!

Anime World Artist Alley

If you saw my last post, you'll know that I'm now the head of the Anime World Artist Alleys. We've got some spaces still open for the Chicago show, so if anyone who reads this is interested, please contact me via artistalley@animeworldexpos.com. I'm still arranging all my information, so I probably won't be able to reply to anything yet until around Monday afternoon.


Oh right. We're getting the keys to our new Townhome tomorrow. Right. Yeah. So this'll be the 3rd time we're moving in 3 years. I'm SO SICK OF PACKING. On the bright side, we barely unpacked here (since within one month we knew we weren't staying here past the lease, so what was the point?).

Thankfully we don't have to be fully out of the current place until the 25th, so that gives us lots of time to move everything.

Let's just say I'm glad I get to leave soon because THESE keep showing up and scaring the crap out of me:


This was a picture I took on Friday night when I was HOME ALONE and working on drawings. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS TRY TO KEEP ME COMPANY?!

On top of these, we also get house centipedes *shudder* and the occasional ants. It's like the house is TRYING to kill me to make me leave.

Oh well. 2 more weeks. TWO.


I'll have further devleopments on this after Monday. If I'm brave enough. It's a big deal for me, sooooo... just wish me luck right now.


  1. Good luck and I'm glad you are moving out the Wild Kingdom!

  2. Good luck on the move and Congrats on heading the artist alley. :-D I may have to pick your brain about the do's ans don'ts of being and artist at a con.

    1. Please do! I'm always compiling new notes, but I'd also suggest looking in the "tutorials" section on the right side of the blog. It's got my beginnings of "How to Artist Alley".

      I'm also contemplating starting to take questions on running a booth, conventions and the like as well!