June 14, 2012

Revising My Booth, Yet Again, and a Fan Art Rant

So I've been researching here and there while my arm has been out of commission (finally kind of healing - haven't heard back about that physical therapy though. Boo), and I've come to decision:

I need to redo my Artist's Alley Booth
(Yet Again)

But WHY? You ask?

Frankly, I hate drawing fan art. Okay. Lemme rephrase that. I mostly hate drawing fan art to SELL it. I always feel I can never do it justice, and it's just not as fun to sell stuff that's not yours, yanno?

That, and more and more anime conventions are cracking down on fan art, in fact, many are adopting the 50/50 rule. Which I think is okay. I don't want a fan art ban, per se (like ohayocon does), but I would like to see some more original talent appearing.


Slight Fan Art Rant Tangent:


Which brings me to another question - those booths in the alley I see at Comic Book Conventions - where they're plastered with all sorts of renditions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and whatever other smattering of comic book heroes/heroines you're looking for....

What are the rules on that? Cause I swear there were booths there that were entirely fan art with people hoping to work for places like DC or Marvel. They certainly wouldn't pass the 50/50 rule at an anime con.

I haven't done a lot of research yet on their alleys (I'd love to vend at C2E2), so I honestly don't know. But it seems kinda unfair if us "anime artist alleys" have to submit to a 50/50 rule, but if you're drawing at an american comic convention anything is free game? (Yes, I am aware they frown/refuse on selling things like charms or buttons, as opposed to prints/books). 

Not that I want all the publishers to come crashing down on us, but still... why the double standard?



Anyway, I digress. I am interested in obviously writing and printing more comics and my own art. That's a given, and I'd love to have prints of my own characters and stuff.

I guess a lot of interest will come once I draw more pages and get more audience to read them. Once my friggin arm heals remotely enough to try.

Which leads me to think maybe I should start looking to accomplish an honest to goodness full image every other week (while I still work full time)? I'd certainly post links to them here.

Anyway, this post was kinda rambly. Sorry about that! These things happen from time to time.

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