May 7, 2012

What's been going on and some WIP

Hey y'all. Just wanted to post an update - this weekend is ANIME PARK! It's out at Canton High School in Canton, MI. It's a day-long convention put on by the High School anime club, and as an alumni of the PCEP campus, I thought it only appropriate that I get a booth and sell my wares.

I'm hoping to do fast $5 pencil portrait sketches all day as my commissions, so I'll be working on some examples this week to display.

Other news:

  • I was in a fashion show! How neat! I might be able to post a picture up here. I got to wear an outfit I made, and the store's Replica version of the Kate Middleton wedding gown. It was fun!

  • I saw The Avengers. OMG. Go see it. It's good.

  • I watched the Entirety of Madoka Magica. ZOMG. That was pretty darn good for a Magical Girl show. I may have to do some artwork for it.

In the meanwhile...

Here's what I've FINALLY been working on. For those of you visiting from my ACEN booth, you might recognize the pic as one I was doodling and drawing inbetween commissions (until the pain in my neck and shoulders got too unbearable).

Why yes, I do store all my outlining pens in a Rapunzel cup.


  1. Love the piece you're working on. And your collection of copics kinda makes me want to weep! I'm also glad that things have been fun for you lately ^_^

    1. Oh thank you! I hope to finish either tonight or tomorrow. I want to make it a print for Anime Park this weekend.

      As for the containers of copics. I've actually been collecting them since about 2006, and I saved up from a convention (like, my second ACEN vending) to start me off with one of their bigger sets. I've just been slowly adding colors as I need them. :)

      ...And I think I've only had ONE of the markers dry out in that entire span of time(not from use, but from a loose cap).

      I just like to explain why and how I have so many of them (I get a lot of questions on it). It's been a long process. :P

    2. I have about... erm.. 10 Copics? Maybe. If you'd like them, you can have them -- I thought I'd start collecting them, but I honestly don't think there's much point, as awesome as they are.

      Also, the WIP is adooorrable!