May 31, 2012


Just cause I can't use my arm, doesn't mean I can't plan for cosplay, right? So ever since I saw Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I SO wanted to make Madoka's magical girl outfit. It's pink, it's fluffy, and really, how could I resist?

So after some deliberation I realized that I would NOT be able to make the shoes (way too much effort as this is a "for fun" costume). So to the internet I went, and found a seller on Ebay who makes custom shoes. All I had to do was give em my measurements.

The shoes came in today. :)

A lot of these pics look kind of "instagram-like" because I have terrible lighting, and it was nighttime, and the flash made weird shadows on stuff.

It's hard to take pictures of your own feet in a mirror.

What? Not insane heels? NO.

This was the least offensive flash picture I found.

Did I mention I love bows?

I like how my feet look so much smaller in them.

Now for the wig to come in, I need to gather my floof, and then YESH I can sewwwwww.


  1. Those are seriously fabulous and spot on. Who is this magical ebay shoe seller?

    1. Thanks! I absolutely adore them (even outside of cosplay wearings)

      I got them from:

      Which is a shoe seller/maker/whatever in like china or something. So I was a little worried, but they came out JUST the picture and fit amazingly (only thing I would have changed is giving them a slightly overestimated foot size - they're JUST the right length that sometimes my toe hits the front end due to gravity/sliding).