May 28, 2012


Hey, y'all. Sorry for being absent, but I wanted to update people on the arm status.

After the appointment, it turns out that, yes indeed, I have tendinitis along with a minorly pinched nerve in my right arm. (The pinched nerve seems to come from the majorly inflamed tendons, and jacked up muscles I have.

I'm currently on a painkiller + ice + rest therapy for one week, and if it still persists I get to do some physical therapy. Needless to say, this will make working on stuff a tad hard in the next week or two.

Really, what I TRULY need, is just a full week of not using my arm at all. And I'm not sure I can get that with work being how it is right now. But I'm going to try to negotiate it after I get the next big image or two done for our emails n stuff.

I can still type - as that motion doesn't bother me too much (I just can't do it a LOT). Touching a mouse hurts (but I now have some wrist rests that should help me out, and i'm learning to use my left hand as the main mouse hand), as well as holding a pencil for an extended period of time.

BUT THIS WILL NOT STOP ME. I will take care of myself the best I can so that I can come back and draw all the pictures, comics, and such in my head. :)

What can I say? I'm also STUBBORN.

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