April 10, 2012

How to Artist Alley: DISCLAIMER

Okay. As I'm writing these up, I realize I am packing a TON of information into each of these posts (otherwise I'd be posting for months).


I love greeting new artists to the alleys - I like making new friends and seeing them succeed!

Consider these posts like chapters from a book, for lack of a better term. You'll want to refer to the bits and pieces that fit what you're looking for. You might not even agree with all of my advice. THAT'S OKAY TOO.

In fact, if you've had an interesting experience that affected your alley work (good or bad) you can let me know! I'd love to hear your experiences or advice you might have for others. You can always send an email to crashbanglabs@gmail.com.

It's also wise to note that you're NOT going to accomplish all these things at once (if you are, please toss a bag of money my way!). You'll eventually have all of this stuff over time - like products, booth set up, packaging, etc.

You'll probably want to start off with the topics most important to YOU to start with. You might already have extra booth parts from a friend or work or wherever, but never thought about packaging. You might have all your products, but no clue how you want to display them.

I merely want to provide a REFERENCE TOOL for us Alley Dwellers. 

Your input is always welcome. 


We're all in this together!

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