April 4, 2012

Artist's Alley Advice: 2-Week Feature

Well, it's the start of the convention season, and I am in full Artist's Alley preparation Tilt. Or. I'm trying to. When not face down on the ground lamenting my artistic existence having Artist's Block.

So I'm thinking starting maybe next week, I want to do a couple of weeks of what I want to call "Artist's Alley Advice". That's the tentative name at this time, until I get a spark of creativity. Basically like a M-W-F schedule.

I'd like to talk about: starting a table, things you need (but may not have realized), setting up your booth for optimum selling, what to make, etc.

I'm just starting to get all my notes together, so if anybody has any ideas, questions, or whatever they'd want to see covered. LET ME KNOW!

I just keep seeing all these "How I artist alley?" type posts on forums, and I'd love to provide links to just point them to the info, instead of writing novels to these people...

1 comment:

  1. This sounds amazing, especially for someone like me whose just starting out doing the artist alley thing.