April 24, 2012

ACEN APPROACHES - See you in a Week!

Well, it's that time. I'm finally finishing up all my products, signs, and whatever miscellaneous items I have left to do. That means I'm going to be really really busy the next few days. ACEN is still technically the "largest" show I go to all year, as well as being about 3 weeks way too early for me this time, so I have a lot of things I'm finishing up. Not frantically rushing, but certainly making sure I have everything covered.

I should probably make sure I stay focused and not get too distracted by blogging or tumblr checking and the like.

So for now, I shall bid you all adieu and see you in about a week with my recap for ACEN.

Are you going? Well, if so, come see us at BOOTH 104!

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