March 7, 2012

When all else fails... work on something!

Did NOT have a pleasant day today. Seemed to be things just.. not working.

1.) Went to GameStop to pick up our copy of Mass Effect 3 (Collectors Ed, mind you), and found out, they had .... NONE. Yep. We prepaid and everything, it even came out TODAY when we were picking it up - and nothing. So hopefully the store can find one for us, or there's gonna be some seeeeeeerious issues here.

2.) Went to cut out/work on commission - Discovered the pattern was the wrong set of sizes. Can't fudge it being larger. Crap.  Have to go buy new pattern tomorrow. (I figured this out when it was around after closing time of JoAnn's).

So instead of lamenting, I decided I'd try to put together the rest of the first ruffle for my Princess Rue costume.

It's the big fluffy dress thing in this picture.

Here's the crinoline I get to cover:

It's hoooooooooge!

So she's got these funky ruffle things on the front in scallop formation. I obviously cannot find a pattern with such a thing. Sooooooooo I had to make my own. Here was version 1. It was scrapped for ver 2, but I never got a picture of it.

Just giant pieces of newsprint and blue tape.

I then cut out and put together all the ruffle pieces. I love wearing ruffles, I HATE MAKING THEM. It's recommended that they be made at least 2x the length of the item you'll be attaching it to, for proper ruffleage.

So each of these ruffles are like.... 180 inches in length.


Then... THEN! Then you have to sit and gather it.  And gather, and gather and gather. Thankfully we had the Harry Potter movies (which I hadn't seen yet), and it entertained me, as I gathered each of these things. It took quite a while.

There's nothing I dislike more than doing things in sewing that don't seem to be getting anywhere. Like gathering. I know it's important, but when I'm done... I don't have much to show for it, until it gets attached to something else.

So I put together the ruffle onto the scalloped part I had made with the satin and lining. I have to say... I think it came out pretty darn well. It's time to do that 2 MORE TIMES! Eggghhhhhhh...

It's not that bad, really. It looks nice and scallopy.

Time for more commission work tomorrow!


  1. 180 inches of gathering times 3!! You have my sympathies, and also my wish that magical caffeine will come your way while you're working on the next two.
    But you're right, it looks great!! And that crinoline is AWESOME. *Drools*

  2. Oh wow if that isn't an exercise in patience, I don't know what is. You have my sympathies as well, and I hope GameStop will stop being stupid for you.