March 25, 2012

Shuto Con 2012 Commission / Cosplay Roundup!

This past convention I had a few commissions, and caught some cosplayers in the process through the weekend, so here's the roundup this year!


Blue, Witch Hunter Robin, and Madoka Magica. Ironically enough, I am now going to try to watch that show.


World needs moar Mass Effect Cosplay.
I do intend to add to the collective.

Lady Hawke from Dragon Age II

liiiiiinnneeee piiiiieeeeece!

Batou from Ghost in the Shell, ACTION version.

Batou, Causal Version.
Can you tell I like Ghost in the Shell?

And here are the pictures taken of the gown I finished (barely on time) for the convention. All pictures are taken by my lovely friend Erin! :)

The finished Rue Gown - outdoors!

What a lovely metal thing... I shall hug it.

Looking Wistful

I was totally going blind in this pic, but I liked how it turned out. :)


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