February 22, 2012


Wait. I can't bring a sewing machine here!

Woah. Long time no post (again!) - I've been super busy over at Crash Bang Labs getting a bunch of things prepared for printing, so naturally that has taken precedent over ALL other things (like blogging).

However, I have prepared to let myself "wind down" as it is - it's been a terribly busy and stressful month and a half of prepwork - and I am taking a vacation! Okay, it's actually more of a "staycation" where I sit around and do art and sewing cause I LIKE TO.

Either way it will be a good way for me to have a resting time/outlet.

Chances are likely I'll start posting all sorts of things cause I'll be going CRAZY, but hey, that's good, cause then you get stuff to read. And pictures of what I'm working on.

And if all goes according to plan.... my Masquerade piece for Shuto Con. :)

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