February 9, 2012

I've been busy!

I'm entering the final 1.5 months until Shuto Con (well, okay more like a monthish now), and I'm finally getting all my new products underway.

Pokemon Badges

I hope to premiere the UNOVA set at this convention! I'm just having a little difficulty getting the right colors in the resin wells. Almost have a set ready to display though! Check back soon.

They’re coming….
Soon totally means like "Two weeks from now"


I've somehow magically found my muse. I have two comic pages of the other comic to do (which I should be able to finish in the next couple of days), and I've been drawing like MAD on the side. And luckily my hand hasn't given out too much. Thank you magic tablet! THANK YOU.

If I can crank out enough pages, I will totally have the first issue of TANGERINE WINGS to premiere too. I'm working on Sky's Pages as well. Working 40 hrs a week until 6 pm each day really eats into my weekly time. :( There are days I wish I didn't have to eat or sleep, cause I'd get a lot more drawing done.

What? Sky's End Stuff? NEVER.

Prints N More

I'm making some basic charms and stickers to test out a new company I've found to get stuff printed. If it goes well, I'll make more things for them!

Website Updated

I've slowly been posting things to the Crash Bang Labs website finally! I've got a little area for cosplay, artist's alley and illustrations (and a few other things). I'm carefully rooting through all my old pics and finally getting some of them up there. Larger resolution ones will be on the Facebook page, as always.

Updates? LIES.

Naturally keep an eye out here for more updates. I'm almost ready to make all my orders, assuming I get my tax return in a decent amount of time...

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