February 1, 2012

Closet Cosplay, You May Gasp In Shock Now (Updated)

I tend to make all my costumes from scratch. So the concept of "Closet Cosplay" is very unfamiliar to me, really.

For those unknowing, "Closet Cosplay" is when you make a costume based on stuff that's already premade - either found in your closets, or the more usual of the choices: your local goodwill store.

A character that I've wanted to make for a little while now is Wako from the show Star Driver. See her sheet below! (I refuse to make the school uniform).

Wako Agemaki from Star Driver

As you can see, she kind of wears normal clothing. So I thought I'd try it out and see if I could compile a costume out of stuff I've found. It's taken me a few months, but I finally came across the final piece of my costume! That pesky striped shirt!

Outfit cost is so far around $25 (I already owned the boots)

Naturally, the costume is still underway. I want to hem up the skirt a little bit, it's a little longer than I need, and obviously the shirt isn't exactly yellow striped (it's also a guy's shirt, so I need to take it in a little bit, and shorten the sleeves).

I plan on dying the shirt yellow to give it the bright yellow stripes it requires. I'll keep you all posted on it's progress!


So I got all excited and did the dying on the shirt tonight. I just used plain old RIT dye, following the directions on the bottle. A little bit of hot water, some salt, an hour or so of stirring (thanks Cartoon Network for entertaining me during that), then rinsing, and finally putting it through the wash.

I'd say it was a success:

For those not keeping score, I dyed the shirt yellow.

The shirt came out SO AMAZING. I managed to somehow accidentally find the PERFECT striped shirt. The yellow made that orangey red, all that more matching to the image. Pardon my imperfect carpet.

The costume practically made itself!

I can't say I'd want to do this for ALL my costumes, but for the real clothes based one, MAN this makes things a lot easier.

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  1. SCORE!

    Also, I will refrain from noting how much that shirt makes me think of Gryffindor.

    ....whoops. :D