January 19, 2012

I get to make weird stuff for work.

Why yes!
Those pockets ARE hearts.

My workplace clearly knows me too well.

January 13, 2012

I Am a Terrible Blogger.

Wow. It's been over a month-ish since I posted. It's been awfully busy around here lately. I managed to miss posting about:

  1. Anime Crossroads Review (maybe I'll retro-post it later)
  2. Jury Duty (eggghhhhhhh)
  3. Christmas (bah humbug!)
  4. New Years (oh another party, whut?)
  5. My birthday (at this point I'm REALLY tired of seeing people, I also turned 30! AUUUGGGHHH.)
So what do I intend to do about this? 


Okay, which button is the "post" button again?

No, really. Stop laughing! 

Although, that does bring up a good question I have for you who read this blog. I planned originally to just talk about me making stuff, and only having tutorials and other "education-y" sort of posts. But you know what?

It's really boring sometimes.

Do you guys wanna know what goes on in the daily life of a cosplayer/artist? Or should I keep up with the educational type stuff (It's certainly not going away anytime soon, cause I do like explaining things)? I find all sorts of weird stuff as I surf the internet, and have some thoughts on art, gaming, and the like. 

Thoughts? Notions?

Leave em here!