December 19, 2011

ACEN UPDATE & Anime Crossroads Preview

First off, I'm OFFICIALLY ACCEPTED into ACEN's artist's alley. Working on payment paying this week, to secure a spot.

I'm still formatting my Anime Crossroads Recap for you all. But I wanted to leave you with a little bit of a teaser.

That and this picture amuses me WAY too much not to share right away.

This is why I shouldn't be allowed to have a camera as a passenger.

December 15, 2011

Sew ALL the Pleather!

First off, just to keep everybody updated, I participated in the Annual ACEN Artist's Alley Sign Up Craziness earlier this week. It's pretty competitive to get in (it's kind of like trying to make sure you're the one that buzzes in first). I think I'm in. I'm waiting for my official Confirmation Email from the Alley Head with instructions on paying. Then I'll know if I am going to ACEN this year or not.

Also, hit a new record. The Alley filled up in 12 minutes. 12 MINUTES.

....I'm not sure how I feel about that level of crazy. We'll see how it goes this year. I've got some neat stuff planned to have at the booth. (And yes, I'll eventually update my website).


Because I feel accomplished, you all get a picture!

Pretty sure I can make almost anything out of pleather.

Just a small preview of what I'll have on during Friday at Anime Crossroads. Finally have enough headway to feel secure about finishing all of this.

First time I've ever tried covering sandals. That was an... interesting experience.  Rest of the costume pieces shown are made out of pleather. A really nice gold Marine Pleather I got way earlier this year (I had plans to make this one at some point, and I CERTAINLY wasn't going to pass by the option to get gold pleather).

Curious what I'm trying to be?

She's from Chrono Trigger!

There's my hint.


December 7, 2011

A Convention Approaches!

Well you know me, I just can't stay out of it for long. I've got another convention coming up, and this one ended up being a little bit more for fun (and to get away from the crazy land of HolidayCrunch).

Because secretly, I think I should live in Indiana.
It's a smallish con - it's only in it's 3rd year. The first year I gave panels. The second I was in the Alley. This time I missed registration, but decided to just visit anyway. A couple of artist friends of mine will be there, so I look forward to saying hi, probably spending time taking pictures with the camera (or at least figuring out how),  and maybe getting ourselves recruited to help with the Masquerade. Or whatever we can volunteer ourselves for.

Why not enter the masq? Well. For two years I've won the Advanced Division, and last year Dave also won the Novice division. Neither of us think it real fair that we try to enter this year. But we'll certainly love to herd cats help them backstage.

I got us roped into doing a couple of low-budget/simpler costumes for the con - we'll be debuting some CHRONO TRIGGER stuff. I'm just getting all my materials together and it's about time I started to sew it.

There should be pictures. If I remember to take them.

Is anybody else going to the con? If so, try to find us! We'd love to say hi.