November 25, 2011

I come from Suburbia. This is a big deal.

This was a post I wrote about a week ago. And was too lazy to draw for it, so here's the post anyway. 

If you know me, and well, I guess you'll get to know me more now - I'm a "Suburban Princess". Big cities scare me, as do places with like 3 houses within a mile distance. I like my cozy suburbia. It's nice. However, it means I haven't witnessed a lot of the world just yet, so weird stuff makes me all crazy excited.

So I say with great pride and enthusiasm:

Today I saw a tumbleweed.

I was coming back from lunch today (yes I worked today) with my good friend TrishStuff, and we turned down a back street to get back to the store, when LO AND BEHOLD, there was a tumbleweed.

Artist's Rendition of the Event

Not off to the side, but in the middle of the road. Tumbling it's little heart out. It stopped as we approached with the car as if to say to us "Come at me bro!" and wave its little weedy arms at us.

Whereas inside the car, I was FREAKING THE CRAP OUT. I was all "OH MAN! Is that a tumbleweed? Seriously?! Where did it come from!? That's SO COOL!!" and then promptly regretted not carrying a camera with me. Note to self: Buy a small camera to keep in a purse.

It rolled off to the side, and we continued down the road, and got back to work.

To which I could not stop talking about it all day.

I think I need to get out more.

Either that, or drink less caffeine.


I talked to Dave about it, raving that I saw this cute little tumbleweed.

Dave: "Well, why didn't you pick it up and take it with you?"

Me: "BUT IT WAS IN THE ROAD. Wait. You mean you would be okay if I brought home a random tumbleweed?"

Dave: "Yeah. You've done stranger things."

Me: "Oh. Hrm. Well next time I see one, I'm gonna pick it up, and we can keep it in the garage. Like a pet."

Dave: "Whatever floats your boat."

I will name it Ted.


  1. This post made my day. The last line, however, made my entire week. :Rofl:!

  2. You know, I thought about it...but then I decided I didn't know what sort of bugs would be living inside a tumbleweed... *shudders * I didn't want bugs in my car.