October 6, 2011

Adventures in Charms

A convention approaches! That's right, Youmacon is coming up, and while I'm working on a splendid commission this month for it (pictures coming soon!), I also need to make more products. So, some of my own costumes might get put by the wayside (I plan to have them for Anime Crossroads anyway), since I would like to have more things in my booth. :)

So I have ventured into the world of ShrinkyDink Cellphone charms. To expand my amount of items I can offer to congoers.

I chose charms because:

a.) I like cell phone charms (I have a ton on my phone)

b.) I can use the pictures for all sorts of things - pins, badges, etc!

c.) Depending on what I make I could make charms of various sizes for other things! I like using stuff in multiple ways.

Here's the finished (test) product:

It's Tear from Tales of the Abyss!

Not too bad, I must say for my very first try. Yes, I did actually draw the picture too. Found some inkjet printing ShrinkyDink paper, which was weird to work with - I'll have a tutorial later? Maybe? Is anybody interested in this process?

Each piece is also covered in a clear coat of spray lacquer so they should in theory be waterproof. Testing comes tonight! Mwahahaha. Poor Tear.

Since it seemed to work, I definitely want to make more. I am clearly making the Tales of the Abyss cast - but are there any other characters/series that people would want to see? Just let me know!

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