September 13, 2011

Glad that it's here, but....

The infamous greenish blonde wig!

So remember when I was telling you about some setbacks when it came to our Cafe Kichi costumes? Yeeeeeah, one of those was my wig didn't arrive (even though I had ordered it over a month ago). Apparently the post office it arrived at claimed it "couldn't read the label" and then sent it back to Hong Kong.

I was pissed.

I had to find a blonde wig, style AND dye it greenish colored in 2 days because of this hoopla.

I had the seller on ebay re-send it to me (having to pay for shipping again).

Well it arrived finally. And NOW I think I see why they couldn't "read" the label the first time.

At least they put it in another bag.

They probably tore open the bag in the customs process and ripped the label. At least, that's what I'm hoping, because the envelope has all the labels printed/typed/stamped in legible English.

"We cared enough to put it in a bag,
cause at least we saw the label this time."

I'm not blaming the ebay seller. I'm pinning this totally on the USPS and customs system.

ANYWAY. The wig is here, it's in tact, and looks like it wasn't damaged.

Props to the local post office (not the one from before) actually trying to make sure this got to me. I mean, hey, they did put in a bag. They coulda just sent the ripped up bag and hoped the wig stayed in it.


  1. Colour looks great in the photo -- how is it in person? Nice photo booth, too!

  2. It's actually pretty good. It matches the artwork a lot better than the one I dyed did. The dyed wig did in a pinch, but this looks so much more natural.

    ...I want to style it and go do a fall shoot with some normal clothing. Like they have in the artbooks....

  3. All right! Point me to a sweatshirt pattern and I'll get Jun going!

    .....feel free to laugh at my aspirations now.

  4. Because Cookie Monster now works at USPS.


    .... I have a hoodie pattern I'm working with right now.... hahahaha