August 13, 2011

True Dungeon Hijinks

Here were some of the interesting things that happened while I was working at True Dungeon:

  • In the first shift, I had a run where the magic ring was left IN the box, instead of getting returned to me. I had thought all was lost.

    During the run, the players found the ring really fast, and in haste tried to pass it through the box to another player. Inadvertently handing it back to me. Twice.

  • One set of players figured out I was an extra hand, and I guess that I was possibly hostile. They put all the large metal rings on my arm, pinned my hand to the sidewall, and yanked that ring off. Props for creativity!

  • One group gave the ring to the Sea Lich (instead of trying to solve the puzzle with it). And then had to pledge their minionship to her before getting it back.

  • I was used as a metal ring hook quite a few times. They'd just hang all the metal rings on my arm. Cause it was there.

  • Getting groups of big guys in there with my tiny hand was hilarious. They'd be all like "Um, Bob, why are your hands so tiny? OMG IT'S ANOTHER PERSON!!"

  • I had a few players apologize afterwards going "Sorry for manhandling you person in the box!", sometimes they let me stick my head out to meet the players if they got done early. They seemed to really enjoy meeting the "ghost in the box"

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