August 29, 2011

Cosplay: Interrupted

So every once in a while real life likes to get in the way of the things I do outside of work. Namely this is why you haven't heard from me much lately!

I moved! I finished moving! I then was gone in Indy for 5 days (see: Gencon), and then I had a week, then Anime World Chicago (report coming soon)! Then we came home, trying to unearth the house from boxes and then our PLUMBING DIES ON US.

...Thankfully it's been fixed. So now I need to get to the last few things on my "Things I Have to Sew", before I begin my commissions and stuff for Youmacon. Which yes, I would like to chronicle here, so STAY TUNED.

Things to Sew:
  1. Model Garments - a sweater thing and some pants
  2. 2 knit shirts (I have the fabric. I really just need to sit down and do these)
Things I SHOULD also be doing:
  1. Drawing comics (my own, and outside projects)
  2. Finishing up any left over drawing commissions (maybe i'll attack that this week!)
  3. Starting to buy the fabric for upcoming Costumes (Halloween is on it's way and I'm EXCITED)
  5. Editing those pictures from AWC
  6. Posting said pictures
  7. Posting my Write Up
....and people wonder why I desire 36 hour days. Maybe I should experiment with getting up earlier...

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