July 2, 2011

JAFAX Recap Boogaloo

WOW. JAFAX came and went with a WHOOSH.

Surprisingly, the weekend turned out a lot better than I had hoped. I was ultra nervous, and apprehensive about some things. I was also bummed that I did not have my new outfits done due to the horrific events of my machine dying and me having a nervous breakdown for 3 weeks.

SO. I got Friday off, and Dave and I headed out to JAFAX land. I wanted to get there early because then I could get to the hotel, unpack, visit field's fabrics putz around, go visit the site, maybe take some cosplay pictures.  ALL of these occurred! So yay!

After all the running around, I realized I wanted some good pics of Vyse. I didn't have many of em, cause the last time I was wearing him I a.) forgot to take pictures, and b.) forgot part of the outfit at ACEN. Boo.

So we went to the local park "Hagar Park" (no it's not horrible, I promise), and frightened the small children while Dave took pictures of me.

Hullo Children!

Then we headed to the convention area, because there were some other things I wanted to take pictures of! I "discovered" most of the unusual items on campus, with much hilarity ensuing.

This picture always makes me laugh for some reason...

You can check out the pictures in this gallery on FB (I think it's public...): Vyse from Skies of Arcadia

I'm always adding more.

Next up, I met up with Brionna and Skye, my Coordinators-In-Training, and we talked a lot about cosplay and how the whole Cosplay Ops thing is run and we then plastered posters all over the JAFAX area. They had to leave, and we finished up the posters, went back to the room, and then promptly died to be risen again the next morning at the ungodly hour of 6:45 am.

Saturday's always a special day, because not only are we taking in new applications for entries to the contest, I'm organizing the fashion show, as well as hawking my events, AND on top of that I get to go to a Tales of the Abyss photoshoot. (Doesn't take much persuasion to get me to dress as Luke)

Much hilarity ensued.

And cheagle abuse.

The day progressed really super quickly, as it was mostly a blur, and then came time for the dress rehearsal and fashion show. Met up with Ashley who was all dressed in a beautiful gown she had made a while back. We chatted things up for a while before the show.

Most of the cosplayers showed up, and we got them ready to go across the stage. Fun times were had by all, and it's always a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear behind stage "OH MY GOSH! That was SO. MUCH. FUN. I'm doing this again next year!"

After the show, we did another mini photoshoot in the Arboretum (a tree/plant area on the campus). Derpiness was to be had all around!

The most epic of crossovers.

Then, being the starving costumed people we were, we went to Red Robins and I had a cheezburger. It was delightful! I was also stalked inadvertently by Brionna, Skye, and their group!

I went home, fixed up some of the audio files for the show, and crashed out.

Sunday was judges, and OH MAN WAS THAT DIFFICULT.

We had a lot of people come through our office, and I was like, "Oh, that one's good, and so's that one. Uhhhhh crap. Good thing we've got math!"

Spent the ENTIRE day judging costumes, and then printed our awards, and packed it up and went over to the Performing Arts Center again!

Got all our cosplayers lined up, taught them how to walk on the stage long enough to get pictures taken, and then the MASQ happened. (pictures coming soon).

WOW. Whirlwind. The energy in the theater was amazing, and despite some messups by me, the show was pretty much spot on. Performances went without a hitch, all the walk-ons STAYED ON STAGE long enough for pics, and we had standing room only in our audience!

Everything had completed, and I figured I was done.

...but I was WRONG!

As the cosplay crew started to clean up, I was approached by a staff member who asked me the quaint question of "Hey, can you stall for a few minutes, our next show isn't here yet."

I of course answer "Suuuuuurreeee!" thinking it'd be like 5 minutes or so.

So I start revving up the crowd, getting people to come in and sit down, and generally chit chatting about the convention. Sang happy birthday to Ringo, in my mahvelous tenor voice, did a little moonwalking, cracked some bad science jokes with the audience...

...for like 15 minutes. It was epic. I didnt' mind at all. I had a fun time getting to talk with congoers, as I was in a little box all weekend. :P

Then we left, stopped at Applebee's, got stalked by Brionna, Skye and company again! (All inadvertently, mind you)

Then we drove home and was tired.

The end.


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