July 11, 2011

Glass City Con Recap

The armpit of the United States. Srsly. Look at the map.

This convention led us down to the interesting state of Ohio, as it seems every con I go to down there something "exciting" happens. And by exciting I don't mean like "OMG I JUST SAW XYZ VOICE ACTOR" I mean like "OMG SOMETHING BROKE" exciting. More on this laters!


Dave and I headed out on Friday evening, as I got a good case of the lazies, and decided that going down the night before was MUCH more advantageous than say, waking up at 6 am to pack and drive down.

Traveling went quick, and we were able to find the school, which oddly enough was ALSO in the middle of nowhere. Much akin to JAFAX. There WAS a roundabout though, and it thoroughly freaked me out. I can't stand roundabouts. We have so few of them here in MI, that it just looks like a swirling vortex of crunched up cars and bad drivers.

The others showed up later, and then we all went to sleep.

Saturday came, and we all got ready. Because I had looked ahead at the weather, to see that the world would be ON FIRE all weekend, I decided to not cosplay. But being weird, I still wanted to feel like I was in a costume to wear something cool. So I brought a wig that was pretty much unstyled for the most part. I think it's a future Tutu Wig.

I can't help it.

So we had our lovely continental breakfast, and Dave, Hannah, Brent, and myself headed to the con, as the other room was already on its way. Then as we're driving the extremely short route to the college, we see the other room's car on the side of the road. We stop, and get out to see what's going on. 

Remember when I said that "OMG STUFF BREAKS"? This is one of those instances. Turns out the other van broke a tire. Not just flat, oh no, down and outright blew it apart.


We pulled over to help them out, and see what's up, when we find this out. The following scene occurs:

Me: "DAVE! Open the TRUNK!!"

Kristy: "Oh? Do you guys have tools in there?"

Me: "No. My camera's in there. I'm SO DOCUMENTING THIS!"

This is what the scene looked like.

This is what it felt like.

After calling the con, and getting stuff sorted out, we headed to the con and got our booths set up. I was finally able to properly set up my wire frames!

Gotta Collect Em All!
And the rest of my stuff.

I sell buttons too!

I spent a lot of the con floating around the dealer hall, artist's alley, and my own booth, and I finally was able to get some pics of the dealer hall. So here you are! It was set in a gym area, which was nice and airy.


Saturday went pretty well, I even got to see the panel I had been wanting to. Usually the panels I want to see get canceled, so I was happy it occurred. 

Overall business as usual. Sunday was super DEAD. It's like everybody forgot there was a con, and about half as many people showed up. Probably could have used another large event on Sunday.

I did have a lot of fun, and will probably go again next year. It was a lovely venue, and the staff was very friendly. Not to mention that maybe next year it won't be as hot, and I can get some good pictures outdoors.


Isaac and Miriam from Baccano!

./Hack person

Another ./Hack character

Yuuko and the Rain Spirit!

NEXT UP: Moving. AKA. Trying to put all my stuff in boxes and somehow still work on cosplays.

Photos can be seen at: GCC 2011 Facebook Pictures

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