July 6, 2011

Don't Go Outside When the Temp Exceeds 85 Degrees

Feeeeed meeeeee Seeeeyyymooooore!

So I went to Michaels today to get myself a deep cut blade for the Cricut machine. I wanted to try out an idea I had for some new products, and it involved me cutting foam. The internets told me that I need a bigger blade thing, so I decided I'd follow their advice (as the regular blade wasn't working all that well).

I enter Michaels and Dave and I spend some time wandering around going "Where's the Cricut stuff?"

We find the iiiiiitty bitty area where they have some things, with no blades to be found at all. Figuring that customers are dumb, they may have hidden it behind the GIANT METAL JAILCELL they keep the cartridges in.

I get into line, and manage to get to the register with minimal amounts of stupidity drama.

Cashier: "Did you find everything okay?"

Me: "No, I needed to get the Cricut Deep Cutting Blade Replacements."

Cashier: "Cricut?"


Cashier: "I don't know if we carry that."


Cashier: "Uh... if it's not on the shelf we don't have it."


Me: "...."


I then bought a foamie sheet and a mint candy for less than $2 and USED A DEBIT CARD. TAKE THAT MICHAELS.

Okay, while that wasn't the EXACT exchange, it's how it felt in my brain. I have very little acceptance of on the job laziness. At least take some sort of interest in what you're working at. It makes your job more fun. I PROMISE.

After that event, and another fail trip to Joann's (looking for the same blade, mind you), Dave and I went to Jimmy Johns.

We ordered our sandwiches, and they gave us our drink cups so we were fillin' them up. Somebody shouts some random sandwich number, which may or may not have been ours (since nobody was there but us as customers).

Dave and I look at the sandwich.

Dave: "Is this ours?"

Me: "Maybe? I dunno, there's no number written on it."

Dave: "What about that one?" he points to a random sandwich on the counter, also wrapped, with no number.

Me: "....yesss....? Maybe? I'm not sure. I didn't hear what they said."

At which point the manager came over when she saw us all confused, and we found out that the guy makin' sandwiches was caught in an infinite loop and he KEPT MAKING SANDWICHES because the receipt was never removed. So there were two of mine and two of Dave's, one was some sort of "practice sandwich" and NONE OF THEM WERE MARKED.  The incredulous questioning by the manager to the staffer was quite possibly the most hilarious thing we saw all day.

Moral of the story: DON'T GO OUTSIDE WHEN IT'S HOT. people get dumb.

Coming up Next: Product pictures!

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