April 27, 2011

Sneaky Like a Ninja!

How does this happen every time? I think I'm good to go, I've got everything under control, and convention work is headed as planned....

and then I count the ACTUAL amount of time I have until ACEN, and realize...


*kermit arm flail* AHHHHHHHHHH!

So if you've sent me a message any time lately, I will try my DARNDEST to get to it this weekend. My work schedule just went into overdrive.

On the bright side, the booth is starting to look quite lovely.

April 16, 2011

I fear no pocket!

Been working on Zero! I'll have another tutorial kind of thing up real soon: WELT POCKETS.

...shame all my examples are on BLACK fabric. So hard to see. *le sigh *

April 7, 2011

Just a Quick Update

Hello all! I have received a few emails and comments over the past few days (especially after Shuto Con).

I have managed to recover from my convention plague (it took me almost a week this time, blegh!), and I'm finally getting a  little bit of time to go through my messages.

I also managed to overwork myself trying to catch up with stuff, and then exhausted myself to the point where I randomly fell asleep on the couch, and didn't wake up until I had to go to bed. YAY ME, I'm so SMRT!

If you have sent me something or asked a question, I'm gonna try to have it answered by this weekend! I needed to find some older files of mine to respond to some people.


Happy costuming!

April 2, 2011

Shuto Con LOLCON

It's that time! That's right LOLCON time! When I take my con pics and put funny words on them.

Didn't have a lot of pics this time around, but if I come across more, I'll add them here. 

Couldn't help myself with this one:

Shuto Con Recap!

Well a Shuto Con has come and gone. Welcome to all of you who visited us at our panels we had!

For those who are not in the know, Shuto Con was an anime convention held in Lansing, Michigan! It was it's debut year, and I gotta say, WHAT FUN WAS HAD!

Crash Bang! was there presenting panels on cosplay stuffs, and my friends had an art booth in the artist's alley. Since I was only going to be busy a few times during the weekend, I was more than happy to give them help with setting up and watching the table when they needed to leave.

I am the best helper ever!

So yeah. Convention! Hotels! It was in a Real Convention Center! Super awesome!

...And I totally forgot to take a lot of pictures. Seriously, I need to add a paparazzi crew member to Crash Bang!, JUST to get some good pictures of conventions I go to.

I spent most of Friday walking around in a haze. I had like 4 hours of sleep. Each night that week prior to convention. NOT A SMART IDEA.

When I got to the hotel, the staff was super duper nice, and they were able to give me a connecting room with my friends who were also signing in. And they did it early, and so pleasantly! So WIN for the hotel.

The artist's alley was HUGE. It was so spacious, I was kinda sad I didn't have a booth. But with the new booth in process, it was kinda hard to get it set up and ready .

The vendor hall was a tad smaller, but had some good vendors in it. I found a cute Zero plush, and the entire series of Last Exile (I had been looking for it for some time). The rest of the time, I pretty much spent in Artist's Alley. Got me some neat stickers of AMURICA and others. Saw lots of cool artwork.

We presented two panels on Friday: Beginning Sewing for Cosplay: A Primer, and Cosplay Level Up!. We had quite a few people, and hopefully they were able to garner some good info from the panels. The sewing panel was new, so if anybody has anything they'd want to see added let me know! I'm always editing my presentations.

I love talking to people about cosplay, so I actually spent most of my weekend talking about that and art.


It was time to debut our new costumes (which I had been up late every night the week of, trying to get it all done - not doing that again for a long time, no sirree). That's right, THESE COSTUMES:

I'm such a handsome gentleman-manchild-thing.

I finished Vyse (after several trials and tribulations, almost not having wigs, and costume pieces malfunctioning, oh the stories), and helped Jessie make Aika from Skies of Arcadia.

...I was shocked, there were several people who knew what we were dressed as, and were totally psyched that were dressed that way!

We accosted The Enthusiasts and hung out in the booth for a while taking pictures, and generally derping it up. Lots of hijinks were to be had.

Other cosplayers we had with us that day were Yuki from Vampire Knight and Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender. Naturally, we were goofballs. Derp.

Here's some pics! THESE ARE THE WEIRD PEOPLE I KNOW, it really explains everything, doesn't it?

I bought a fish in the Artist's Alley!
We claimed it was a sky fish we caught with the Delphinus,
but Suki disagreed, and told me that if we ate it we'd kill the moon,
but I told her we had 6 moons, and really, nobody would miss one.
I kinda hoped it was the yellow one, because then Valua would totally be SOL
and leave us alone. And... then I took Suki's picture at Jessie's booth.

She was showing me her Smoulder.

Suki tried to get Aika to help her defeat the fire nation,
and she got confused, wondering if she really meant Valua.
I think she meant Nasr. Aika was alway bad with directions.
All the Herp that You Can Derp!

So I did a lot of wandering on Saturday, as I had a lot more time (and a lot more sleep!).

I got to do some nice photos with a lovely gal on Saturday. I'm waiting for them to be processed, which is why I don't have them up just yet. But we took LOTS of pictures in the nice weather outside. After a few mishaps with phones not getting proper reception, we met, and took pics.

Best quote(s) of the weekend:

Me: *posing for pictures on boardwalk *
Little girl: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Uh...we're at a convention."
Little girl: "What's that?"
Me: "Um..it's like a big party for people who like costumes and shows."
Little girl: "kay!" *runs off *

I saw a lot of nice cosplays, but snapped only a few pictures. GAH. BAD ME. So here's the few pictures I have.

I found an Excalibuuuuuuuuur!

His history began in the 12 century!
 Astrid was attending too! 
I made sure not to make too much eye contact.

Nice Axe!
 The convention hall was really nice and spacious. We were sharing it with some other groups, so I'm not sure how they took to us, but really, couldn't be any worse than the Christian Retreat group and Cheerleaders at Ohayocon.

How many crossovers can YOU spot?
Overall it was a spectacular con, and I was sad to see it only be two days. I'd love to have it be 3 days next year, with a little bit more signage and official contests/events and things.

Only one thing I wish I DIDN'T bring home with me: CON PLAGUE. I got something that knocked me out a bit all week, which is why it took me till Saturday to post this.


Boot Cover Tutorial Part 3

I didn't forget you guys. I got busy with some cosplay work! More on that later!

Welcome back to part 3 of our bootcover adventure.  We don't have much left to work on. But I have to say, I think this is probably the most important part when it comes to the covers: Attaching them to your shoe of choice.

For those just joining, I'm making Vyse's boots from the game Skies of Arcadia. And yes, I'll keep telling you to play it because it's a fun and lighthearted adventure.

SO ANYWAY... onto our final step. ATTACHING YOUR COVER. *insert dramatic reverb * By this time, you've sewn together your boot (possibly lighting the sewing machine on fire, or wishing it would with your mind), and it's ready for wearing. Except it's not on your shoe base. Sad. Let's fix that, shall we?

1.) Preparing Your Materials

Needless to say, since you're working with glue, and it's going to be sticky, and messy, you should assemble all the things you'll need to attach your bootcover.

Here's a list of things I had:

  • Boots/Shoes as base
  • My completed covers
  • E-6000 Glue
  • A piece of paper to set your glue tube on
  • A roll of blue tape (painters tape, preferably 3M. It tends to be tackier and hold onto things better)
  • Spare pins from sewing (with the ball head, preferably)
  • A well-ventilated area

This is about all you'll need. Oh, and a LOT of blue tape.
I did some "test fittings" where I tried to make sure I could get my foot through both the cover and into the boot base. Found out I had some trouble pulling up the boot to get my foot entirely inside, so I got all McGuyvery and added an elastic loop to the back of each boot - as a pull tab. This will be handy later, and will be hidden by the cover. I did two zigzag stitches to provide stability and to make sure I wouldn't pull it out.

My sewing machine goes through ANYTHING. YES.
Next, I noticed is that despite how sturdy the boots were, I had a feeling they'd bend as I tried to glue down my covers. So I took a bunch of extra plastic grocery bags (you know you've been keeping a stash for a reason), and I stuffed the foot part of the boots as full as they would go.

This will give me pressure against me as I glue the boot down. For tighter shoes, it also mimics a foot being inside it. This will also prevent your shoes from shrinking or seeming smaller on you after it's done.

Lastly, take your blue tape (painter's tape) and tear off a BUNCH of about 3-4 inch pieces. You'll need enough to cover the edge of the shoe. See steps below.


2.) Gluing your bootcover onto your base

Okay! There's really no scientific way to do this, sometimes I start at the heel, sometimes I start at the toe. Either way, pick an end (preferably the one least able to be screwed up, or the one that needs to be tugged to make it fit right). Carefully fit the cover over the boot/shoe as it should properly fit. (also check to make sure you R/L are still matched up. LAST CHANCE TO CHECK)

Once it's all ready to go, pick your end, and put your E-6000 glue a good deal up on the end, and slightly around each side. In this example I chose the heel first.

I put glue about 1.5 inches up the back, and started it around the heel.

This glue really smells. Please use near a window or a fan or something.
Once you have your glue on, carefully stretch the cover over the area, and press it down, so the edge of your cover meets the edge of your shoe. At this time, grab some pieces of your blue tape, and starting on the cover, place a piece, pull it down and press the tape to stick it to the sole. Repeat until you cover the entire area you just glued.

As you proceed around the shoe, some areas you can put a long strip of glue, and then press it down. It won't dry immediately so you've got time for adjustment. For example, I used a strip of glue on the sides, not that I put at least 1 inch wide areas of glue, making sure to get glue near the bottom/sole of the shoe, and up about 1 inch so it wouldn't slip or pull off easily.

I was getting kinda hazy at this point. 

Do this around the entire shoe. Have some spot that just don't want to stick? Well, you can use your sewing pins to stick it straight into the shoe, and help hold it down (that's what those dots are on this next picture).

It's a fashion statement.

The blue tape is important, as now your boot needs to wait at least a full day before you wanna try messing with it. I think it dries earlier, but I'd prefer to play it safe.

And now....the waiting.

3.) Your Finished Boots!

A day has passed, and it comes time to see if your hard work paid off! Gently remove the pins using your fingers, or pliers if you have to. They should easily come out.

I lose more pins this way.
You'll probably want to check to see if you need to discard the pins - sometimes they get goo on them and you really don't want to put that through fabric. OR save them for future boot cover plans. Your choice.

Gently pull the tape, starting from the top, and pulling down towards the sole. You will probably get some glue residue goopies, and possibly have some on your boot (which if this is done in pleather, this is easy to remedy! If I'm using cloth, I just try really hard to not get it on the top of the cover)

That shiny stuff? That's glue!
 You can easily rub off any extra glue with your fingers. It should peel off. At this point, you can clean up your boots and add any extra doodads or handsewing you may have wanted to do. Me? I just needed to add that pesky black strip at the top. I just used elastic. It was handy.

Arrr these be my finished boots!

You now have a finished pair of boots! Go test them out! Put em on, make sure they fit and look like they should!

Oh, and go finish the rest of your costume now! Shoo!