February 1, 2011

Snowly Crap! ...and some classwork!

Well that's new.

In case you've been living under a rock, or perhaps the upper western states of USA, we're apparently experiencing SNOWMAGEDDON 2011. Apparently this will be a giant snow storm of hideously epic proportions that you only see in movies like, "The Day After Tomorrow" or something.

Every times the weather has said this, we get like 1 inch of snow, and everybody's closed, so you're home, and can't go ANYWHERE even though it's nice out. And for anybody who knows Michigan (the lovely state in which I reside), you'll know our news stations like to hype it up, so pardon my cynicism.

However, this time...this time they might be right. I mean, when the NOAA says it's gonna be bad...they're usually right.

Well, Vyse is coming along (after solving my blasted canvas problem). I should have some more pics in the next day or two - I had to take a short costuming hiatus to do a bit of work for a.) My online comic, "Sky's End" and b.) My Graphic Novel Class.

Yes. You heard me GRAPHIC NOVEL CLASS. I'm taking an adult-ed class at our local Art college (center for creative studies), and we get to design, write, and print our own short comic book.

For those uninitiated, I've been drawing for like, well, EVER. However, I'm very much MEH when it comes to digital stuff. Namely because it's daunting, and I can't seem to get anybody to tell me their tricks. I think the class has been helping, so there may be doodles appearing now and again.

I did all this in about 1.5 hours of work. There may be help for me yet!

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