January 12, 2011

A new year, a new schedule! New Costumes!

HELLO! Sorry for my long absence! As you can probably figure out, things got SUPER busy as the Christmas season fell upon us. Around here, everything picks up like crazy and it becomes a flurry of gatherings, family visits, dinners, busy work schedules, and the like. AND then on top of that, around New Years I managed to catch myself a cold (THANKS DAVE). And it's still lingering, about a week and a half later! GUH!

In other news, cosplay has started up again! As are the conventions. Well, they're still a ways off, but I may as well list the ones I have confirmed:

  1. Shuto Con - March 25 - 26 - Lansing, MI - Crash Bang will be presenting 3 panels!
    1. Beginning Sewing for Cosplay
    2. Cosplay Level Up!
    3. Polystyrene Props and Armor
  2. Anime Central - May 20-22 - Rosemont, IL - Artist's Alley
  3. JAFAX - June 25-26 - Allendale, MI - We'll be in charge of the Masquerade and Fashion Show again!
  4. GenCon - August 4-7 - Indianapolis IN - still contemplating
  5. Youmacon - TBA - Detroit, MI - Still in the works, probably aiming for Artist's Alley again
  6. Anime Crossroads - December 16 - 18 - In theory, helping out with the Masq and other related events!
I'll keep you all posted (I should make a page for these lists too), as things grow and/or change.

In the meanwhile, I finally have started some work on some new cosplay, here's just a preview:


Needless to say, I've been playing with rubber molds and resin again. 

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