January 16, 2011

New Toy! New Project!

For the Mechanically Inclined: Overlock Machine ? I think?

What's this? Oh? A SERGER?! 

YES! I finally have one! I feel all...professional now. It wasn't too hard to thread it (though I did get really lucky and they now make a version that's like "sergers for morons" with an easy threading lever).

I was able to get it from the machine store we have at work, and I was super duper excited to try it.

In other news, I did a bit of sewing this weekend - started making a skirt out of this BEAUTIFUL Marimekko fabric "Kumina" - it's got pumpkins on it. But I started cutting out the pieces and realized that two of them DID NOT MATCH UP. I was all "OMG I AM A TERRIBLE SEWER" and began to lament my choice of tertiary profession, and moped in a corner.

So then the next day, after doing some last minute running around, I decided I'd do my mockup for my next cosplay (for Shuto Con): Vyse from the game Skies of Arcadia.


I've wanted to make him FOREVER and a day ago - (yay glass eyepatch!), but I never had the motivation. And then Jessie and Kristy came by, and Jessie was all "we should do that" and I was like "yes, we should!". And thus the project was born. I didn't see them this weekend (I think they got busy with some work or such), so I started to work on mine to get it out of the way.

I was making it out of a royal blue canvas, when I came across a terrible problem - I had washed the canvas, but I had all these weird little creases in it after I had washed it!

Srsly. WTF.

After I had cut out all the fabric, I decided, HEY I'll run it through the wash again, and try and air dry it to see if the creases 'n stuff go away.  Currently I think I'm doing okay in the crease department. I think they're going away due to, well, gravity.

However, in doing so, the edges of ALL THE PIECES are frayed about 1/4 of an inch in.

....of course after I take it out of the wash, I tell myself. "Hrm. I probably should have serged this before washing."


I'll let you know the outcome of the experiment soon. I'll hopefully be doing some sewing on Tuesday night.

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