November 3, 2010

Youmacon 2010 Con Report

Well another Youmacon has come and gone! I had a super busy, but pretty darn good time at the convention.

This year, the con was at a new location: Detroit's Renaissance Center. I arrived on Thursday night to get my badge, so I wandered around a bit to get a feel for the new place. It's a good thing I did, because I would have been REALLY confused.

I was in the artist's alley yet again this year, and there were some changes, and I have to say, it made life all the better! This year they featured assigned tables, so I could come in the morning and set up when I felt like it, as opposed to waiting since 8 am. Very nice.

Got me a table on the edge of the inner circle, so my back was to the center of the building, where there was a lot of space. I believe it was because I needed a laminator, but it certainly helped with my claustrophobia problems - and that's a good thing. Because there were many times I was swarmed by people.

Ended up working Friday until 10:30 pm, I had to boot people away - we hadn't even gotten to our room yet! That ended up being a little bit of a fiasco - as they gave us the wrong number so I had to to go up and down a couple of times between floor 3 and 57. Kinda disorienting at first.

Saturday was super busy as Friday was, and tons of people stopped by. THANK YOU ALL by the way, I'm glad I could provide a great product, and I got a TON of new ideas (which I'll be featuring on here!).

I was dressed as Luke, and Dave was dressed as Jade (they were some of our more mobile costumes).

I saw some really awesome costumes that day:

Fruits Basket characters with a Fruit Basket!

Beautiful Sailor Pluto

MOMO! From Xenosaga 3.

Wolf Link and Amaterasu
Meanwhile, as we were walking around, our attention was brought to the fact that the RenCen actually looked like a Sephiroth Tree/Pillar, and I just HAD to get a picture of it.

Jade: "Okay, now write '30 lower slowly GOTO 10'..."
Luke: "Right." *writes LUKE WUZ HERE*

Guy stopped by my table! Woo!
Saturday night, we left the table around 8ish because we wanted to avoid the crowds on the elevator. I got to relax, watch some Hetalia, and then after that played some ROCKBAND! I was actually SOCIAL at a con in the EVENING.

I blame the constant Dr. Pepper intake.

Sunday was a tad slower, which was GREAT, because I got to participate in a "Tales of..." photoshoot. Which I have a TON of pics on my facebook, you can see it here:!/album.php?aid=326555&id=639708956

Here's some of my favorite pics from it:

How does this always happen to me?
I had a lot of fun being Luke. For some reason, when I'm dressed as him at a photo gathering, I totally get pimped out by all our female characters. Maybe it's cause Jade looks like a girl, and Guy's afraid of them.

....just wait till I cosplay Zelos again.

Our Abyss Cosplayers
Pssssst. I totally made the Natalia outfit all the way on the right. YEAH.

ALL the Tales Cosplayers

I gave Tear a Qliphoth flower. I think she liked it.
Dramatic Picture! I really liked the set up of this photo.
Whoever was borrowing my camera, YOU ARE WIN.
All in all, it was a very successful, if not BUSY weekend. The convention definitely suffered from some growing pains, but I think if the staff takes a gander at the feedback boards, and has a stern chat with the hotel (who clearly didn't believe that many people would show up), things will definitely improve for next year.

I definitely plan to be in the Alley, that's for sure!

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  1. What is this convemtion thing all about? youmacon? do you have to pay, is it a one day thing do you have to get a hotel? what do you do there? im so confused?