October 25, 2010

Quitters never win, Winners never Quit, But Cosplayers can take a Sign.

So I was working on a costume (I know, big surprise, no?), and after a few key events, it finally came to me that I just needed to stop working on my current project at hand. I really wanted to have it done for Youmacon, but looking at what I have to do, and what's gone wrong, I came to the conclusion that this was a sign from the cosplay gods telling me, this will NOT be done now.

  • Had a commission this month (which turned out awesome)
  • Ended up making a costume for work (which also turned out awesome)
  • Was involved in a birthday party one weekend
  • Was at a convention meeting one weekend
  • Spent another Saturday out in GR (which was lots of fun)
  • Vinyl wouldn't go through my machine - needed to get a new sewing foot
  • Pleating/Pintucking takes a lot more time than previously thought
  • Making a cattail took a lot more time/engineering than previously thought.
  • The lightbulb got broken in the machine that works well (the bulb popped out, but the metal part remained)
  • The so so machine has no light, and since it's the only one left to use, I don't feel safe putting large projects through it
  • it's 3 days, and I still have to do the jacket (full of pleating)

So as you can see, a lot of things started going wrong. Now I have about half of the costume done, which is GREAT, but the other half is giving me problems since I want to make it RIGHT, not just make it. I don't want to rush it and make it look like total crap.

So why did I tell this long tale of woe?  Because it's smart to realize when to toss in the towel and realize you will need to wait to finish a costume.

BAH. Onto making my table products. 

On the bright side, I'll get to play Rockband 3 tomorrow.

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  1. Full pleating jacket and vinyl? I cannot wait to see whatever this costume is!!