October 12, 2010

I laugh in the face of danger! Ha ha!

I realized the other day why I've always made a terrible blogger. I never think what I have to say is actually worthwhile reading. I can't sit around and go "Oh I had cereal for breakfast, and it was my favorite, but it got too soggy cause I left the milk in it too long, but I ate it anyway. Blegh."  Maybe that's why I don't really like/spend time on Facebook either... Hmm.


I fear no fabric any longer. Well, most fabric I don't fear. Sheers....we won't start on that just yet.

So I was working on a commission, where I needed to make legging/sock things that are like tall spats. I wanted to make them stretchy in case they didn't fit exactly - and they're FAR more comfortable to walk in anyway.

This means I had to make them out of a stretch knit. Then I realized there was a gold edging around where the heel was. And the only gold edging I had was this lovely satin I had used for a matching cravat. I then did the impossible:

I made a "bias tape" of the satin, and sewed it on a rounded edge on STRETCH KNIT, and it looked fabulous.

That's right. Stretch knit AND satin!

It was a small victory for me. Especially after working on another project that made me want to toss my sewing machine out the window, and light the project on fire.

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