October 19, 2010

Commission Delivered!

I traveled up to the Grand Rapids area this past weekend to go deliver a commission. It was a tad haphazard, but the garment has been properly delivered and tried on! It takes a little finagling, but she could fit into it, and it looked quite lovely.  I'll catch up with her later to make sure it still fits, and if anything needs to be altered later. I really do love the piece.

However, I have no pictures of it. Why? Cause I'm brilliant and left my camera at her place. WHOOPS. She's gonna bring it with her to the con which is thankfully in a couple of weeks.

SPEAKING of conventions - Youmacon's coming up, and as I wait to see if I'm working on a last minute commish, I'm hoping to finish a new costume for myself.

I'm trying to find a camera to borrow temporarily through the making of it - I've got some interesting problems to tackle with it.

Anybody else going to Youmacon in Detroit MI? I'll be the in Alley! Come say hi!

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