September 19, 2017

Book Signing Event in Grand Rapids!

Greetings, all! Been working on a whole bunch of stuff, but thought I'd update with a cool event I'll be at this FRIDAY!

I'm going to be doing a book signing Friday night at the Barnes and Noble in the Woodland mall (where the Pop Culture Event took place). 

If you've ever been interested in seeing me in person, or more importantly picking up a copy of the book (and getting it signed!), FRIDAY IS YOUR DAY!

Here is a link to the facebook event if you'd like to remind yourself when it is!

July 19, 2017

*brushes dust off the blog* Oh hey! A POST!

Greetings! Long time no post - and nobody is surprised by this point, I'm sure, haha! Anyway, I wanted to at least try to get back on the horse again as I try to figure out just what I wanna put on here these days. I've missed like a bajillion convention reviews, so I may just consider them Lost to the Aether and start anew with future conventions.

Speaking of conventions and things - I'm back up and doing artist alleys again this year (it's a slow opening), as well as still promoting book stuff!

Things I'll be involved in very soon:



Out in Shaumburg IL this year, is the 10th (and final??) year of SoyCon! I've been invited to be a guest presenter talking about How To Masquerade! If you're in the area, stop by and say hi!


THAT'S RIGHT KIDDOS! I am gonna be at Barnes and Noble signing books in the GR area on Saturday July 29! Like, I get to be legit author and I'm super pumped, so come see me talk about how to make cosplay things!


After that, things kinda cool down a bit for me convention wise and will let me get back to talking about artist alley stuff. I've been wanting to talk about updated pricing, selling, set ups and more - the State of Artist Alleys has changed a LOT since I last did tutorials so I'd like to take the time to review and update those posts! :)

March 15, 2017

Shuto Con 2017 Approaches!

This weekend is Shuto Con, a lovely little convention up in Lansing, Michigan - I think it's in it's 7th year (oh jeez where does the time go, seriously I remember vending at the first one of these...), if I'm reading the website right.

ANYway, it's a cool little convention (okay by little it's like 5,000, but you see, my frame of reference are ACen - 16,000+ and Gen Con 60,000, so don't judge me okay). They have all sorts of neat things to do, and this year I'm just going as a presenter (I'm hoping to vend next year, I realized I actually have enough stuff to fill a big booth, and will have lots more by next year).

So just what am I presenting about? COSPLAY and ART, of course! I'm always open for suggestions on other types of panels people would want to see, so feel free to send me ideas.

Saturday 2 - 3 pm
Her Legs are HOW long?
An interactive drawing panel on how to draw properly proportioned people

A popular panel of mine - Come and join me in a learning experience for basic body proportions, with a follow-along drawing session at the end. Sketchbooks recommended, but I always bring extra paper and pencils with me for those who need them. ALL SKILL LEVELS are welcome here!

Saturday 4 - 5:30 pm
Tales from the Tabletop

Another favorite panel, this one is based on Tabletop RPGs where my Husband and I are here to talk about gaming experiences and help answer questions from the audience! We have a whole host of interesting stories of stuff that went Horribly Wrong (but Hilarious), to Super Great Times - come and chat with us about RPGs! NEW: Extra Half Hour added at the end!!

Saturday 5 - 6 pm
Intro to Cosplay Sewing

My basic introductory course about making your own cosplays! This panel is designed to get you started on your journey, introduce some techniques, as well as basic vocabulary for the fledgling cosplayer! All skill levels welcome, but this panel is definitely geared towards beginners. I will have a few book available if anybody is interested!

Sunday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cosplay Level UP!

The follow up to my Introductory course - here I will introduce some other techniques that you can use to embellish your costumes, including things like applique, paint, and using textures and fabrics you might not have thought of. Ideal for the intermediate/beginner, but ALL skill levels are welcome! I'll also have whatever extra books I've got left over at this seminar, so if you're interested in one, I'll have em on hand!

Sunday 1:30 - 2:30 pm
Time in a Box: Tips for Comic Panel Layout

Come and listen to me gush about comics! I love drawing comics, and I love examining what makes them TICK. (no pun intended, okay probably intended, don't give me that look). I go over a lot of the basic "anatomy" of what's in a panel, and how you can set up your pages and panels to get the effects your looking for - and keep your comic readable!

March 14, 2017


It's a new year, and a new Convention Season about to start up! Well, at least it's that time for me - I tend to count my Con Season begin with the first "major" convention that I do (which varies from year to year, either Katsucon or Shuto Con are the usual candidates).

So here I am to tell you where I'll be headed this year on a "Kind of a Tour But Not Actually a Tour" because I'll be having my books with me, along with my artwork depending on what I'll be doing at the show. And if that's not confusing already, I'll be doing a mixture of Guest Presenting and Vending, so you may need to take notes (I promise there won't be a quiz)!
The following is a mostly comprehensive list (until I get some updates from other shows I'm waiting on. TBA usually means I'm trying to get further information but there's a decent chance I'll be there). Is there a show you think I should be at/vend at? LET ME KNOW! Also, if you'd like to see me as a guest somewhere - let THEM know they can contact me - check out my regular site:!

Shuto Con - Lansing MI - Presenting

Original Sewing & Quilting Expo - Cleveland OH - Presenting, Book Signing
Indiana Comic Con - Indianapolis IN - Visiting
C2E2 - Visiting
Penguicon - Southfield MI

Anime Park - Canton MI - TBA
Anime Central - Rosemont IL - Presenting, Vending

Colossalcon - Sandusky OH - TBA
JAFAX - Grand Rapids, MI - TBA

Indy Pop Con - Indianapolis IN - Vending
Motor City Steam Con - Romulus MI - Attending
Dokidokon - Kalamazoo MI - Attending/Assisting Vendors

Gen Con - Indianapolis IN - Attending

TBA (I'm waiting to hear on some shows)

Grand Rapids Comic Con - Grand Rapids MI - Guest/Presenting

Youmacon - Detroit MI - TBA

WHEW! That's a hearty list! And I'm sure I'll be adding to this as time goes by. I'm also going to work on adding these to the conventions page on the blog, juuuuust in case you wanted to check it out at any later time!

February 14, 2017

New Year, New Booth, New Blog Name, Etc!

New high score! Didn't post until mid February. ;)

As seems to be my new year tradition, I started out with some sort of medical issues fun. Don't worry I won't go into detail. Let's just say I had a lot of dental work from Christmas until now, and wow, I'm glad it's done. PROTIP: keep up with your dentist. Or do whatever you can to find one that isn't too expensive - because dang. ANYWAY, onto business!

Several things have happened in the Land of Karmada, one of the more "fun" ones being I am now a proud Dog Momma (as of December 1 2016). Let us all welcome Mortimer!:

my mom keeps buying me clothes
Why a dog you ask? WHAT AN EXCELLENT QUESTION - as I am a person who has never ever in her entire life owned a pet other than hamsters or fish. My husband, Dave, has had many dogs throughout his life, and has been helping me navigate the world o' dogs (I used to have a great fear of them), and I got him mostly for therapy type reasons. You see, having this little guy around during the day gives me somebody else in the house, and an adorable face to snuggle when I'm feeling down. Even if he's a butt sometimes.

He's an older dog we adopted, and oh my goodness what a little gentleman. I love him so much.


So, in the yearning to kind of stream all my stuff together I've finally shed the name Crash Bang Labs, and have now become Karmada Arts (akin to Karmada Cosplay)! So here's where you can find me at on the internet:

Costumes -
Art -


Twitter: @karmada_arts

Cosplay - @karmada_cosplay
Artwork - @karmada_arts

Main Website:

All of these are now listed on all my business cards as well, so no worries no matter which of my cards you pick up.


This year I'm not only doing the convention circuit teaching people about how to make cosplay AND artwork, but I'm rejoining the ranks of the Artist Alley. I'm in the process of getting all the business and legal stuff done and what not so I can do this Proper, With Taxes And Things.

Speaking of which, my first convention this year will be a small comic con nearby on Feb 24-25 (fri-sat), and I'm starting to redesign the booth, so this'll be test number one! If you're in the Metro Detroit Michigan area, it's the Great Lakes Comic Con at Macomb Community College, come by, say hi!


Don't worry, I'm still gonna *try* to get my convention reviews done (I'm already one behind, but I don't think I got any pics at it either because I was so swamped), but I'd like to do more general chatter, and some feels I have on things like cosplay and artist's alley stuff. If anybody has any requests for topics, LET ME KNOW!

November 30, 2016

Nearing the Year End and I have So Much To Talk About

Aside from it feeling like the world has been imploding around me, I still have a lot of things I wanted to cover here, but never got to it. These include, but are not limited to:

1.) RTX
2.) Glass City Con
3.) Grand Rapids Comic Con
4.) Youmacon
5.) Making Timeskip!Nora
6.) Art stuff!
7.) I am getting a dog
8.) My feels on a lot of art stuff, but we'll see how that goes

So needless to say, if I can get around to it I will be adding more - some retro-recaps if I remember and things. :)

[Shameless Self-Promotion Time!]

In the meantime, it's the Holiday season! Do you have cosplayers on your list, or anybody who is interested in learning how to sew garments? Did you know I wrote a book about how to do that? I did!

[End of Shameless Self-Promotion Time]

;D Have safe travels this holiday season, I'll be back soon!

October 19, 2016

Grand Rapids Comic Con - THIS WEEKEND!

Greetings, all! I've got some fun stuff planned for the blog up and coming (that's right, I've been planning for once), but I wanted to give you all an announcement!

This weekend, I'll be attending GRAND RAPIDS COMIC CON as a guest speaker!


As a guest speaker, I'll be presenting 4 panels over the weekend:

(all panels will be in River Overlook D)

Found Item Cosplay
FRI 5:15 pm

Having troubles sewing a costume from the ground up? Maybe you don’t feel like creating everything from scratch? Never fear! Found-Item Cosplay can help! This seminar focuses on advice and suggestions on how to make costumes out of garments and supplies you find in your house, the thrift store, and more!

Intro to Cosplay Sewing
SAT 11:15 am

So you want to start making cosplay costumes – but aren’t sure where to start? Join Karmada Cosplay for a seminar focusing on the basics of how to choose a costume, pick patterns, some sewing basics and more! Ideal for the beginner cosplayer, but all are welcome!

Schlepping Cosplay Like a Pro
SAT 3:45 pm

Making a costume at the last minute? Hey me too! Join Karmada Cosplay to learn all sorts of techniques and basic designs that’ll get you a costume in a hurry. Topics covered will include how to create simple costume pieces from basic shapes, and some general sewing techniques to help you on all costumes. Recommended for intermediate to advanced cosplayers, but all are welcome!

Cosplay Level UP!
SUN 11:15 am

Want to take your cosplay to the next level? This panel focuses on more advanced construction techniques and other supplies that can make your costumes even better! Come and learn about fabric choices, some handy construction techniques, and learn a little bit about materials other than cloth. Great for intermediate to advanced cosplayers, but all are welcome!


Time for some shameless self promotion, eh? Word on the street is that I'll have a table to help promote the book, and my artwork, at the show!

I'll of course have copies of Epic Cosplay Costumes for sale ($25, btw), and I'm more than happy to sign them for people! I'll also have my comics, artbooks, and artist trading cards (prints and originals) for sale, and we'll see if I wanna bring anything else with me.

I'll see you there! :)